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Start-ups across the country and overseas trust MINDSOFT for their hiring needs.

Recruitment for start-ups is challenging because the best of these, whether in India or overseas, take a while to establish their brand equity. This is where end to end recruitment firms that also cover start-up hiring solutions, such as Mindsoft step in to turn the challenge into a successful placement consultancy

It is widely believed that although start-ups rejuvenate the economy, talent acquisition or staffing are usually weak spots in their system.

Startups bring good energy and robust enthusiasm to the economy and sometimes create a leading product, services and jobs revolution. But for start-ups to sustain their energy and growth manpower with diverse skill sets is required. Startups entrepreneurs would be the first to accept that although they own the idea and have the drive they are lacking in other skills and solutions for areas such as marketing, finance, engineering, logistics, hiring for jobs and so on and so forth.

For Startups to be successful having the right team at the right time in the company’s growth curve is vital to enable the company’s success. One of the biggest challenges for Startups is manpower. Since the top guns of Startups are engaged in creating strategic solutions for the Startups and lack the time and expertise in hiring manpower, Startups generally suffer from a lack of focus on talent acquisition, jobs or recruitment consultancy if you will.

We offer a great solution for your start-up business

With our 2 decade experience in staffing we, At Mindsoft we can ramp-up your hiring in 1 month from the day of sign-off. Today we are proud of our largest database we carry with us across all domains makes us the preferred partner in start-up hiring.

Some of our services other than placement for jobs are

  • Brand Selling for Startups
  • Our top team to handle hiring for start-ups
  • Market Research for checking on the viability of start-ups
  • Compensation Analysis for recruitment for the start-ups. Right talent for Startups

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